do all things with love


Stop investing time in other people, start investing time in yourself. Figure out who you are and quit trying to figure out others. Spend time by yourself, and search for what you are and who you want to be instead of who you want to be to other people.

"I don’t love him but he’s here and you aren’t"

"I don’t love him but he’s here and you aren’t"

“The truth is, I feel beyond sad. I feel empty. Numb.”

 Elizabeth Scott, Love You Hate You Miss You (via feellng)

I am head over heels in love with a king that has no weaknesses toward love. This king has a mind you’d think was insane at first glance but once uncovered becomes something so much more. Beautiful I like to call it. And the king knows it.. He (as do we all) flaunts his best feature around like you couldn’t find a better mind set even if you searched a thousand years and he’s right.

Inside the king has a million and ten things scattering through him but on the outside we see confusion….So beautiful. The king looked into my eyes one day and I fell for his beautiful mind because the best thing about this kings mind is that it leads straight to the soul.

The king doubts me. He thinks he can’t love a queen like myself but what the king is missing in that beautiful mind of his, is sympathy. And one day he will know that I am his queen and he is my king. Unconditionally.